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Magazine Madness Magazine Subscriptions Special Offer

Saving money when you purchase your favorite magazine subscriptions is now only a click away. Now is the time to purchase those magazine subscriptions that you have always wanted for yourself or a family member, friend or co-worker.

Ordering your favorite magazine titles has never been easier and more affordable. Members now have access to a vast selection of magazines titles that offer fun, excitement, education and more...all at your fingertips.


Shape Magazine Circle Track Magazine Shop,Etc. Magazine Baseball Digest

Browse the simple to use online catalog of available magazines, currently offering over 800 popular titles, which can be easily located on our provider's fulfillment website. Partnering with Magazine Madness™, a leading provider of magazine subscriptions, with a stellar reputation, has enabled our members to now have access to an unprecedented selection of available titles that can be purchased using a specially negotiated discount coupon program.


The Publishers of all major magazine titles set a certain minimum price that must be charged to consumers for magazine subscriptions. This is considered the lowest approved pricing and this minimum must be charged by all approved dealers. Our provider only charges this lowest approved rate.

This extremely valuable member benefit offers members 2 convenient and very simple ways to save money when purchasing popular magazine subscriptions to your favorite titles. Real savings and real value are now available for members to immediately use.

Please allow 3 - 7 weeks for delivery of the first issue of your magazine subscription, depending on the publisher and the title.


In a addition to the lowest publisher approved rates of up to 75% off the newsstand prices, members are also entitled to the below listed exclusive savings opportunities!

$10.00 OFF Any Online Purchase of $50.00 or more
$25.00 OFF Any Online Purchase of $100.00 or more

Use the above discount as many times as you like during your membership to save money. These are real dollars off of the already lowest rates available and are special discount coupons that have been negotiated for the exclusive use of our members.

Give the Gift That Lasts All Year Long
Use your special discount when purchasing magazine subscriptions as gifts for friends, family and loved ones. Almost everyone you know has one or more "favorite" magazine titles that they love.

Magazine Madness Gift Card Member Discount Valid For Gift Card Purchases
Yes, members can even use their special discount when purchasing Magazine Madness Gift Cards for their own use or to be given away as the perfect gift.

As a member, you can take advantage of the above listed special member savings, in addition to the already listed publisher approved discounted rates, when shopping online at our provider's fulfillment website.

Our provider, Magazine Madness, is proud to offer additional free bonus gifts to their customers when they purchase a certain minimum number of magazine titles. The specific free bonus gifts and how to earn them are detailed in full on our providers online fulfillment website.

To redeem and use this benefit, simply click on the button/link below visit our provider's fulfillment website by clicking below, where you will be able to take advantage of simple online shopping. At checkout, you will be prompted to enter either of the discount codes listed below that will allow members to save either $10.00 or $25.00 off each qualifying order.


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