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New Car Purchases Special Benefit

New Car Special Pricing and Bonus Reward
Save $1,000's On Your Next Automobile Purchase
This is a valuable member benefit that will forever change the way our members will purchase their next car, now that they have access to exceptional, pre-negotiated pricing on the purchase of cars from most major automobile manufacturers and leading dealerships nationwide. Experience big savings and no hassle, whether your next auto is new, pre-owned, purchased or leased. In addition to real savings that are lower than you would normally be able to get, members will also receive a Bonus Reward of a $250 Gift Card when purchasing their car at select dealerships.

Get Up to $500 Off the Best Internet Prices in Addition to Dealer Specials!
Savings includes ALL manufacturer discounts, dealer incentives, special promotional financing AND at least another $100 to $500 more savings at participating network dealers. Purchase from specific Dealers and your savings includes a Bonus Reward of a free $250 gift card to Best Buy, Home Depot or Sears!

As a member, you can receive the very lowest pricing on the purchase of your next new car from your choice of popular automobile manufacturers and local dealerships. Everything has been done to make sure that members can easily use this benefit to actually save money and make it simpler when purchasing the new car that you want, when you want.

Bonus Member Benefit
When you purchase your new car from select dealerships, you will receive a free $250 Gift Card, in addition to the great savings offered to members. When reviewing the local dealerships in your area please take note of the available participating car dealerships that will allow you to receive this additional benefit.


To redeem and use this valuable member benefit, simply visit our providers fulfillment website by clicking on the button below. Just follow the detailed instructions to register and print a Free Certificate that can be taken in to the various participating car dealerships in your area to receive your special member pricing.

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