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Vitamins & Supplements
Discounted Vitamins and Supplements.

This is the most incredible benefit you will ever want if you currently take vitamins on a frequent or even on an infrequent basis. Imagine getting $500 worth of vitamins for free.

Get Up To $500 In Free Vitamins & Supplements

With this valuable member benefit, you will receive a total of $500 in Savings Certificates that can be easily redeemed through our premiere provider to get free products when placing orders for the vitamins, supplements and herbs that you want.


Now is the time to get the most out of your available member benefits by simply using this one single benefit to save up to $500. Choose the vitamins and supplements that you want and most likely already use and you will now be able to get up to $500 of your purchases at no cost.

Save money on all your vitamin and supplement purchases, including such popular items as Beta Carotene, Coenzyme 10Q, Vitamin C, Children's Vitamins and many others. Over 300 vitamins and supplements are now available for members to purchase. Whether you purchase vitamins on a weekly basis or infrequently, these savings can be tremendous. High quality ingredients are used in the manufacturing of the vitamins and supplements that result in the production of only the finest products for our members.

Discover unique vitamin and supplement items as well as the more popular vitamins, supplements and other health related products, including a complete selection of herbs.


When you are able to save up to $500 with this one benefit, the purchase of all your vitamins becomes much more affordable. Thus, a healthier you with the best selection of viatmins that you could want is now at your fingertips.

Every order of $50.00 or more will be able to be partially paid for using one of the twenty $25 Savings Certificates that you will receive when you redeem this member benefit. You will be saving $25 off of each order that you place of $50.00 or more, which will equal out to about 50% in total savings.

When you redeem this valuable member benefit, you will be sent a full color catalog, order forms and a total of twenty, $25 Vitamin Savings Certificates for a total of $500 in Savings Certificates. Each $25 Savings Certificate may be used when making a purchase of at least $50 from our premiere provider.

To redeem and use this valuable member benefit, simply click on the Vitamin & Supplement $500 Free Offer button/link below where you can easily view, print and complete the $500 Vitamin Benefit Redemption Voucher as instructed. It is that easy! You will receive twenty $25 Savings Certificates. You then will be able to use only 1 of the enclosed $25 Savings Certificate per order.

This benefit is included FREE of charge with your Club Membership. Mail in your completed Redemption Voucher to receive your fulfillment package within 2-3 weeks. Enclosed in your fulfillment package will be twenty $25 Savings Certificates.

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