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Tax Preparation & Hotline Benefit
Get Help With Your Taxes! Save time and money with this tremendous resource for members… access to and use of a Tax Preparation Service and Hotline.
Members can now save time and money when needing help with important tax related questions or in actually completing their tax returns.

The Tax Preparation & Hotline benefit is actually part of another of our valuable and exciting benefit, the Consumer Legal Network.

To take advantage of this valuable member benefit, a member must first redeem the Consumer Legal Network benefit, also listed and fully detailed within this same Services Section. Included in the fulfillment materials for the Consumer Legal Network, will also be full access to and instructions concerning Tax Preparation & Hotline benefit. You will be able to easily redeem your Consumer Legal Network benefit that will include this valuable Tax Preparation benefit as well.

To redeem this benefit or to view additional information regarding this program, simply click the button/link to visit the Consumer Legal Network benefit , also located within this Benefit Section that also includes this Tax Preparation & Hotline benefit. When you redeem the "Consumer Legal Network" benefit, you will receive access to that benefit, as well as this very helpful "Tax Preparation and Hotline" benefit.

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