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Candle Impression Savings Benefit

One of the hottest and most innovative product lines to become available to the average consumer are these new simulated candles that give you all the benefits and joy of having candles lit around your home, but without the actual fire. That's right; no matches, no flame, no messy candle wax, no fire hazard...nothing but endless enjoyment with savings of 50% off as the ideal member benefit for the home and when shopping for ideal gifts.

If you are thinking, "Yeah right, it can't be the real thing or it most likely will seem fake", be prepared to be surprised. We have selected this premiere provider because when it comes to this innovative product line and concept, they are the best of the best.


Have you ever bought a candle for yourself? If yes, great, you will easily see just how perfect these candles are and that this member benefit is very valuable because you will basically be able to get them wholesale, at the same rates that retail stores pay for them. If you have not bought a candle before or you rarely do, then you have to ask yourself, WHY?

Very rarely do you find something that is actually better than the real thing...this is one of those very rare occasions. Through this benefit, you now have access to this great opportunity to get you into the mood and introduce yourself and your home to the enjoyment of candles.


Think of all the people you know that will truly appreciate one or more of these exquisite candles as the perfect gift and you not only get to be the one to purchase and give away these great gifts, but you also get to use your member benefit to save money.

Set the mood and give yourself that extra special little something by putting these truly relaxing candles in the bathroom, the bedroom, in the kitchen and without a doubt around the living room and dining room.


  • Near children and pets
  • Near flammable materials
  • Even when you leave the room
  • To use on walls or near curtains
  • To leave unsupervised


  • Our candles last forever, unlike a real candle that has to be replaced once it's been used up
  • One set of batteries lasts for 350 - 1,000 hours
  • No melted wax to clean
  • No rushing out to replace a used-up candle

Our Battery Operated Candles Last Forever...
only the batteries will need to be replaced!


Take advantage of this unique opportunity that allows you to save money on the purchase of these great products. Not only do you have access to the best line of such quality products, but you also can select from the largest selection of candles to fit almost any need and location. Whether you are looking for candles to place on the wall, on the dining room table, on the bathroom counter or just about anywhere else. You now have the widest selection from which to choose from, so that you can buy what you want and for where you want it to go.

This benefit, if you use it the way it should be used, could easily save you $100s per year.

  • Pillars
  • Decor Candles
  • Wall Sconces
  • Outdoor Fixtures
  • Holiday & Seasonal

As a member, you are able to save 50% off on all of your Candle Impression orders for yourself or as the ideal gift that is both unique and useful. Use your savings on the entire selection of available products, not simply on 1or 2 items that might be on sale.

Please Note: There is a per member, per year limit of $1,000 in purchases that can be made using this benefit.

To redeem and use this valuable member benefit, simple click on the Candle Impressions Savings Benefit button/link below where you can easily view, print and complete the Benefit Redemption Voucher as instructed. After redeeming this benefit, you will be sent your Candle Impressions Savings Benefit fulfillment package that will include everything needed to easily place an order, including a catalog of available products, order forms and a Special Member Savings Certificate that will allow you to save 50% on your orders.

This benefit is included FREE of charge with your club membership. Mail in your completed Redemption Voucher to receive your fulfillment package within 2-3 weeks

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